A GUI for downloading, processing, and visualising InSight seismic data

I provide a Graphical User Interface for easy downloading, processing and visualisation of the InSight VBB seismic data. The raw InSight data, available on IRIS, are recorded on the 3 axes of the SEIS VBB seismometer, U, V, and W. The code applies the instrument response removal and rotates the data to the Z, N, and E axis. For doing so, the dataless file for the instrument is necessary and it is provided with the main python script.

The GitHub repository contains also the most recent version of the MQS Seismic Catalog. Both catalogue and availability of the InSight seismic data should be acknowledged by any user, and this information is available on the repository.

The user of the GUI can easily make a filtered catalogue based on the event quality and the frequency type of the events, then select a specific event to download and process. The interface provides the tools to generate spectrograms for raw data, displacement, velocity and acceleration, and thereafter select the proper time window and frequency band for the visualisation of the seismogram. The low-quality generated figures of the GUI can be exported in high quality, for both spectrograms and seismograms, with the use of the appropriate buttons.

The script is available on my GitHub account: foivoskar/InSight_seisGUI 

Screenshot of the Graphical User Interface

High quality generated figures

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