Picture of Foivos

I am Foivos Karakostas, Research Fellow in Seismology at the UCL Earth Sciences Department. I obtained my PhD in Geophysics at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) in 2018. In my career, so far, I have worked with several methods and different settings, where seismology can be used. I began my research activities working on the inversion of meteor airbursts and impacts as seismic sources in the atmosphere and the solid parts of telluric planets, respectively, using Rayleigh wave modelling. On my first postdoctoral work, I performed a characterisation of the seismic scattering in the very diffusive uppermost layers of the Martian lithosphere using an S-coda wave analysis. Working for years for the NASA InSight mission to Mars, I participated in several activities related to the instrumentation, the soil mechanics of the landing site and the data processing of the first ever seismic data acquired from another planet. More recently, I used the seismic modelling expertise to work on body wave anisotropy of the upper mantle in subduction zones and the investigation of lower mantle structure and anisotropy. I am currently working on the deep structure of the Earth, using computational frameworks to perform inversion of large seismic datasets.


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“Analysis and modeling of meteor impact and airburst generated seismic waves on terrestrial planets with atmosphere”

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