I am Foivos Karakostas, planetary seismologist, postdoctoral associate at the Department of Geology, University of Maryland. I obtained my PhD in Geophysics at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) in 2018. I am working for several years for the NASA InSight mission, as member of the Science Team. My interest is the characterization of seismic sources in extraterrestrial environments and the development of techniques that can enable the seismic investigation in solid planets and moons.

My research is focusing on the propagation of seismic and shock waves in the lithosphere and the atmosphere. In addition to my work for the Martian mission, InSight, I use terrestrial analogs in order to develop techniques that can be used in other planetary bodies. My expertise is on the propagation of seismic and shock waves in the crust and the atmosphere and the identification of the internal structure of the lithosphere through the investigation of the attenuation of seismic waves.

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“Analysis and modeling of meteor impact and airburst generated seismic waves on terrestrial planets with atmosphere”

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